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UPreach Reno

Community Resource Center
When people need a hand up, and not a hand out, UPreach Reno is there. Dedicated to mentoring those who have experienced hard times, but refuse to give up!

What is UPreach?

If you haven't spent time living on the streets of our city, you can't fully understand the complexity of the day-to-day problems faced by the men and women of our homeless community.

We have been there. We understand. Out of our experiences, we have created UPreach Reno to help in the struggles of surviving in our city, when everything seems hopeless.

You have more power than you think. You can make a change in your life. You are valuable to God and to others. Let us show you how.

UPreach Reno is a ministry of Vertical Church, long-known for its work with the inner-city men and women. We provide immediate relief and support to Reno's inner-city people who are facing difficult times.

We help families and communities through our faith-based development programs, and we partner with organizations who provide assistance with employment issues (resumes, interview techniques, skill development), computer skills training, locating and applying for afforable housing, managing financial affairs (budgeting), English language, parenting skills, health and nutrition, and many, many more.

Our vision is to help our clients achieve sustainable self-sufficiency. We encourage our clients to be the architects of their own future, and help to empower them to make permanent changes in their lives.

The idea that we believe that 'Get a haircut, get a job..." is the answer, only proves how little we understand about their world

What We Offer...



We partner with many agencies to offer immediate help for those in urgent situations.



Life skills training, money management, nutrition and parenting classes, discipleship and mentoring programs.



Job Skills training, accountability and community-building. We encourage those we help to, in turn, help others.

But we can't do it alone.

We need your help to impact and develop our community. Click below to learn about ways to invest.

April 2022 Community BBQ

Have Any Questions?

Contact Janet Pratt
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janet pratt

UPreach Director

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